About Jurica

portraitI was 16 when my older brother took me climbing for the first time. I had butt-length hair, was skinny as hell (183cm and 63kg), and my main preoccupations were guitar playing and drinking cheap wine. But then quickly I started dreaming about routes and moves, instead of rock concerts and picking guitar strings. In the same time, the first indoor climbing gym was build in Varaždin, which I started visiting regularly. Thankfully, the most motivated climber in Croatia, Igor Čorko, is also from Varaždin. He tutored the two of us through our climbing careers, and he did that well.

During the following years I gained 8kg of muscles and repeated almost every hard route in northern Croatia, and then added few of my own ones. I’m most proud of the FA of the line me and my brother bolted (Enigma, 8b) at our beloved local crag Pokojec. It took two years to decode the sequences and connect the moves. I’ve climbed up to 8c (5.14b), bouldered up to 7C, onsighted 8a (5.13b) and climbed 8a (5.13b) multipitch, and yeah, climbed the 160 meters BWSC route in 15min! All together, this probably qualifies me as one of the best all-around climbers in Croatia :).

Currently, I’m living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I moved to work as a computer scientist at the Jožef Stefan Institute. I enjoy my job and the city of Ljubljana, but I also enjoy the fresh supplies of routes and crags Slovenia has to offer. I’m really looking forward to the next few years I will spend here. I think hanging out with so many strong climbers in Slovenia will for sure rub off on my climbing ability. The level of climbing in Slovenia is damn high! I believe in positive energy and attitude as main driving forces, hope I can also inspire someone while I’m here.

My best climbing achievements :

Hardest routes red-point: Vizija (8c), Corrida (8c) Mišja peč, Slovenia
Hardest multi-pitch route: Agricantus (8a, 200m), Paklenica, Croatia
Hardest routes onsight: Happy End (8a), Vranjača, Croatia; Mrak (7c+), Limski kanal, Croatia; Skitalica (7c+), Buzetski kanjon, Croatia; Kalabaster (7c+), Demir kapija, Makedonija; El diablo viste de prana (7c+), Chulilla, Spain; Mega Dave (7c+), San Vito Lo Capo, Italy
Hardest routes flash: Happiness therapy (8a), Smrka, Croatia
Hardest boulders: All in (7C), Prilep, Macedonia; Sekalica v Karmo (7C), Zalog, Slovenia
Best competition results: BWSC 2012-2014 1st place, BLOK league 2012 1st place
Best Croatian National competition result: overall 5th (boulder), 6th (lead)
Sport routes in a day: 63 (Kalnik Marathon 26-27.9.2009, 12:00 to 12:00h)


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